Day 283 – Focus on the positive

You know when you have the right people in your life when they turn out to say the right things at the right time. Or say nothing at all.

Remember Job, the rich dude in the Bible. He has everything his heart longed for. He is rich, strong, has a beautiful family, has property, a loving wife and a bunch of friends to party with. Not bad, huh? And then there is that weird glimpse into heaven. God and the devil talking about this guy. Long story short, things turn bad for Job. He loses his income, his security, his family, his health, respect from his wife and everything else.

When his friends come to support him through it all, they say nothing at first. Eventually, they talk. However, their words hurt more than they do good. Job questions God. He answers. Not with the answers that Job expects or hopes for, but with restoration and hope. Job learns to accept. For forgive. To start again.

And God gives him double of everything he had before.

I have always loved this story. I find it fascinating. It triggers some deep questions. It’s profound and yet hard to understand.

One of my friends told me on Sunday: “Go read Job again.”

One of my friends looked at me and said: “I don’t know what to say, so I’ll just be in the stillness of not understanding with you.”

One of my friends told me: “Stop, don’t go and blame yourself. It is not your fault. I know you as a positive person. Focus on the good things. Collect the little plusses of life.”

One of my friends prayed with me: “Teach us that You are and always will be good, even though we don’t understand how and why.”

And while I slowly focus on work again, I notice my optimism coming back. I start singing again while making myself some good brownies. Heart-shaped. Because it’s through my broken heart that the love comes in. And today I need to make that real to believe it. To feel it. Even though I don’t understand why or how.


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