I am tired. Worked a lot this week. It’s a bit past 7 now. The sun is setting. I just closed my laptop. Done with work. Or at least as far as I get today. It’s been good enough. 

I hear children. Birds. Crickets chirping. Cars on the road. 

I am tired. I have people around me and yet I feel somewhat alone. I don’t know why. Maybe I don’t need to know why. Maybe I just need to let that feeling be there. Give it a space, welcome the aloneness as a friend. Greet it with open arms. 

Here I am. Fragile. Vulnerable. Tired. Dusty. A bit sweaty. With my cheeks still burning from the sun. A bit out of breath. 

And yet, I see the little things again. In all the tiredness and fragile feelings, I see a bunch of little white flowers. I could have walked past without noticing, yet I didn’t. I passed by and saw them. Small and strong. Pure and white. Resilient. It gives me hope. Space to breathe. Air in my heart. 

And that is enough. It’s all my tired heart and body can bear at the moment.