Day 287 – Power

The power is gone. There is an endless starry sky. I am listening to some music outside. Eating home-made soup. 

And drinking my cup of coffee. 

Honestly, today was a mixed day. At times really hard. Like there’s a big ball of tears stuck in my throat and I don’t know how to get rid of it. 

So I make soup. Share a meal. Listen to music. I cry. I listen. And just simply be. 

And in the dark, dark night, I sing along with songs and find my own power again. It might be the strong coffee. Or opening up about my broken heart. Just letting it be present. Accepting. And through the acceptance that I am not in control, that I can’t be and don’t have to be, it gives me sense of feeling strong. It opens my heart and chest and gives me that air in my lungs that I am so desperate for. 


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