Day 296 – Up in the clouds

That moment you have typed up your whole blog and then it just disappears. Aah! Well, c’est la vie. But as long as I still have some battery left, let’s type up what I still remember. 

After yesterday’s post on the sad side, I wanted today to be happier. And honestly it turned out to be such a good day. With much more energy than anticipated and interesting conversations. 

One of them happened while I was waiting for my plane to take me up country. It’s always fascinating how interaction happens when you are put in a similar situation of waiting in line. 

So what happened: a middle aged man started talking to the lady next to me. He just arrived in the country. She is country director for an organization here. A more long term position. He was obviously attracted to the French curls and the accent. She was not easily impressed. And while he tried to make her laugh, awkwardly, she was like ‘no way, I am not interested’. She didn’t actually say that, but she brilliantly brought up her husband in the conversation. He was definitely a bit disappointed it seemed. 

Up in the clouds it got me thinking. Although I don’t understand men at all, picking up on their flirting and body language isn’t really that hard. Especially when it comes to others. And it made me think about attraction. 

I listened to a song called 23 april. 

Zij praat veel te veel en hij denkt teveel na. 

Hij draagt altijd diezelfde wollen trui en zij te warrig haar. 

Hij is verliefd maar was van plan alleen te blijven. 

Maar dat doet er niet meer zoveel toe. 
Maaike Ouboter

Attraction is much like flying. It’s the exciting starting point of a new adventure. The thrill, the nervousness and the feeling deep down in your stomach when you leave the earth and fly up into the air. The slight feeling of being unsafe up in the clouds. Knowing that an adventure is ahead, even though it hasn’t quite arrived yet. 

Flirting, attraction, they’re fun. Falling in love. It’s been a while. Like flying. I am always happy and sad when you’re with both feet on the ground again. 

The line moved on. We finally got into the plane. He found a seat next to her. She read a book. I don’t think she spoke a single word to him during the flight. 

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