Day 297 – Mirror

I stood in front of the mirror this morning. With my hair down, messy like it is after a night sleep. Last time I washed it was 3 days ago. Still a bit sleepy. 

Curves and edges. 

I have them. And I am proud of them. With my messy hair, a belly that isn’t super flat. And thighs that you can’t miss. They’re a part of me. Of my body. My bones, my skin, my fat, my hair, my everything. 

A body is a precious treasure. You have to honour it and take care of it. And love it with all you have. 

Too often we have love/hate relationships with our bodies. We think we are just 5 kg’s to heavy. We wish we would be in better shape. We love a good plate of food. Our tea with a bit too much sugar, specially the Ugandans. We work a bit too much and comprise on sleep. 

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Can you truly appreciate what you see? Tell yourself that with all the imperfection and the days you are tired and hungry, you are worthy.

Then mirrors will be friends rather than enemies. 

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