Day 298 – I need a break

I need a break. I really, really need a break.

Do I share too much? This blog has sort of opened up a lot. Mainly feelings. I just blur them out at the end of the day. But openness and honesty go a long way I have discovered. It’s the blog posts that are raw, unedited and real that get the most positive feedback. Weird huh, how we are  vulnerable and that really strikes a note with people.

Two friends just texted me from the other side of the world. In the Americas the day isn’t over yet. How I am? Well, tired I said. And that I need a break. But I already said that. 

Today my laptop crashed. Exactly at the moment that I had a million analyses and graphs and calculations. All the data gone. Or at least my interpretations of it. Does that always happen at that most crucial moment, when we are dependent on those electrical devices?

I was frustrated. Tired. But for about five minutes. I plugged in my earphones. Listened to a good song. Don’t remember which one and said: “God, I don’t understand why this happens now. But I guess I can do two things. Let it ruin my day or give the frustration to you. So here you have it.”

Ann Voskamp

At the end of the day I see that Ann Voskamp post on my time line. Exactly what I was thinking. Feeling. 

And as I got rid of the frustration I instead fill my heart with happy feeling. I buy yoghurt in town. And fruits. Lots of them.

Still need that break though. 

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