Day 299 – Almost there

You know that feeling? Of almost being somewhere? It’s a song we used to sing as kids on a school trip or holiday. In the back of the car. Excited, nervous or tired. 

It’s funny how my sense of time, travelling and the feeling of almost being there have changed. I got this picture from one of my aunts today. About bicycle rides. It’s actually one of the things I love about being in Arua. People actually bike around. I’ve seen boda boda (motorbikes) stages with my old-fashioned bicycles than actual motorbikes. 

Almost being there.. 

Being out of balance. 

I am sort of feeling that right now. Like I am on the edge of falling of my bike. Yet I am not quite there yet. I’ll be all right. I’ll keep my balance. Keep riding my bicycle. Keep moving. 

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