Day 304 – Desire

It’s strange how in the moments that you feel like you have enough, that God provides you with more than you asked for. 

Okay, maybe that needs a bit of explaining. Every morning, at least when I am in Kampala, I read just a tiny bit of inspiration from various authors. Day 304 (I decided to follow my blog pattern) was about God being enough. A small verse by Theresia van Avila. I have no clue exactly who that was, will Google that some day, but the verse is powerful. 

Let nothing confuse you.

Let nothing scare you. 

Everything will pass. 

God doesn’t change.


Wins all.

Who trusts God,

Will lack nothing. 

God alone is enough.

It sounds so simple. So easy. And yet, it’s so hard. 

But in the past weeks, when life has been tough, it brought me closer again to God. Closer than I have been in a long time. I remember standing with my arms wide open near the water side. Almost exactly a year ago. Asking God to simply be enough. Trusting Him. And He has provided. Given me so much more than I could have possibly expected. Fulfilled my heart’s desires above and beyond. 

With brownies as desert. 

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