It feels like I’ve been away for days already. It’s only been a bit over a day though. I’ve been driving kilometres and kilometres over very good and not so good roads. I am tired. But with a good meal in my stomach, a breathtaking view and the company of my sister I am a happy person.

It’s a strange feeling. My sister said in the car today after another bunch of kids followed us on the curvy roads around the crater lakes: “it’s strange to be in the minority as a white person”. She also set her first footsteps on the Southern half of this earth.

Time flies when you are far away. But it’s so good to have a break and be away from work. And still. It has become a part of me. Because we did buy a newspaper today to check on the Kenya elections. I ask a million questions about the refugees that work at the tea estate we visit. My sister and I talk agriculture in the car.

But above all, it’s time to rest and enjoy. Drive through towns with bodas covered in bananas. Have an endless view of the vague Renzori mountains and deep blue crater lakes. We drive, enjoy, eat, pitch our tent and we rest.

Roadtrippin’ sisters in Uganda. Best idea of the year.