Day 319 – Home

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


And we are back in Kampala. Laundry sorted, dinner is cooking and movie night is about to start.

That’s the sentence I typed on my phone to start this blog. By now the movie is almost done, but no more power in my laptop, so we’ll have to watch the rest tomorrow. I am tired. Very, very tired. The kind where your heart and head are filled with beautiful new memories.

During the last week, I’ve been touring the Southwest of Uganda with my sister. It’s been absolutely amazing (most of the time). Of course, there were the moments where yet another traffic cop pulls you over, the sun is blasting hot and the roads too bumpy. But overall, we’ve seen so many beautiful places, amazing animals and breathtaking nature. It’s been a very, very good couple days away from work. Relaxing and tiring at the same time.

We’ve seen many elephants. We’ve seen a big, fat lion. We’ve seen plenty of zebra’s. We’ve spotted the giraffes. We’ve watched the monkeys. We’ve slept next to the hippos. (Also almost drove over a hippo. I mean, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between hippo and puddle of mud sometimes.)

And then the lakes. I wanted water. Desperately needed to be beside the water. It always has such a healing, calming effect on me. So even though there’s no sea and seeing Lake Victoria from a distance or passing by the Nile will usually do, it’s been so good to sleep next to lakes. Even on an island in a lake. To canoe, to swim, to let the fresh wind and calming waves do its magic with me.


And now we are back in Kampala. We walked to the top of my hill today and watched the sunset while enjoying a cold beer. It’s a bit weird to be back in the city. To some extend this place feels like home. And at the same time, I will never fully belong in a big city. I will always be a country type girl. We will probably make a little road trip movie because many crazy and awesome moments were captured on film. We have so many beautiful pictures that I will probably share in a blog coming weekend once they are all sorted out.

For now, I am just letting my thoughts wander back to the driving through a beautiful country. Grateful that we are back safely. Cause these Ugandans on the road definitely have a death wish. I already expected so much. But now I’ve been behind the steering wheel myself for some good amount of kilometres I am sure of it.

But all in all, it was totally worth it. And it’s always good to be back home.


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