Day 338 – Typing

It has been raining over the past couple days. I love the sound on my tin roof. Today in the office I noticed how the 6 hands and 30 fingers of my colleagues and their keyboards and I are sort of like raindrops on a rooftop. It almost has a musical ring to it. Hearing the different sounds of the keys. As I smile, hold still for a moment and then join again, I just realised that it’s the small, little things that often make a day just a bit nicer. Just a bit more out of the ordinary. Or maybe even that the ordinary is the daily miracle.

It also makes me realise (yet again) that I am really bad in doing two things, or three or four, at the same time. As I sit for just a couple seconds listening to the music made by typing fingers, I can’t concentrate on my own work. And there is lots to be done as always. So I close my eyes, take a deep breath and continue typing. 

Illustration by Mari Andrew

After work we visit a colleague who just delivered two healthy baby boys. As we drive back, a rainbow appears. The clouds look beautiful today. With silver linings at all. Telling me it’s allright to just look at the sky sometimes and enjoy the silver linings and the rainbow. That’s okay I am not superwoman who can do a million things at the same time. That’s perfectly fine to enjoy little moments, like typing fingers, and just take a second to do nothing else but just be. 

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