Day 340 – The end is near

I am really starting to feel it. The end is near. It’s almost over. And as I am approaching the end, I really feel that I need a break from being online. It’s not so much the writing that is an issue. I will definitely keep doing that, but the online part of it, has been asking more of my attention than I sometimes liked.

The last few days we struggled with network and internet at the office. I think it was a general thing even. And then reading about the hurricans and how complete islands are destroyed. Cut off from the world. It sounds like a movie script, yet it’s a real nightmare people are living through. 

I will not continue with a daily blog after my year is over. I will take break from being online. I need balance. I feel like I am losing out a bit on being present by being focused on getting blogs out every day. And that’s a new feeling. Didn’t really have that before this week, but now it’s what it is. And it made me decide that it’s enough. Almost enough. 

25 more days until my 25th birthday. The countdown had begun. 

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