Day 341 – Steps

Step by step. Just do the next thing. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just focus on what you need to get done today. It’s all sorts of thoughts that go through my mind. The whole day. 

Life is a bit insecure at the moment. Lots is changing and I am not sure if I am handling it all well. Okay, I wasn’t completely fit last week. I am struggling with the distance to home and in the mean time, life happens. I plan. I try to organize. Manage stress. This week I had to think back about this psychological assessment of whatever it was back in the spring in Amsterdam. A wonderful older lady, with years of valuable experience in the humanitarian sector, sat down with me to talk. About how to deal with stress basically. I remember her telling things about finding it not too difficult. Just take care of myself well, that’s were it all starts. 

Step by step. 

As I sit down after work for a bit, just trying to get my head around everything that is happening, I look at my feet. They’ve been all over the world. Have seen larger mountains than the one I am climbing now. They tell me things will just be fine. Taking it step by step. 

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