It’s been a long day at work. And while the sun is slowly setting, I am taking a quick shower to fresh up. Today I took notes during meetings, typed up plans and notes into protocol and hey, then I also got proposed to. 


Cause one of the perks of being a white young lady, is that you become the prize possession of many African men. Call it male entitlement, or whatever you want. I don’t want to get into a whole debate here on gender and all that, but I do find it frustrating and it’s annoying to be honest. Even if the guy doesn’t even remember my name, he still wants to marry me? I mean, come on.. I have a ring on my finger. Usually does the job pretty okay, but sometimes.. 

O well, I guess I will just have to deal with it. And hopefully I will be actually married someday, so I don’t have to pretend anymore. But up until then I will play a role. Of being unavailable and not interested. I will just ignore the annoying, the frustrating and honestly rude men, because I also get to work with so many wonderful, kind, caring, funny and attentive men.