Day 352 – The every day days

It just kicked in. How is it 18 September already? Time flies. Sometimes it feels like days are flying by like frames of a movie scene. If I could choose, I would love to be in a drama, a bit of suspense, romance, some fascinating character and an exciting plot would definitely satisfy me.

But the reality is that life isn’t always a movie. Instead, days pass by. And some days aren’t just very particular. Just a bunch of work to do. Emails to answer. Documents to read and comment on. Thinking to be done. Critical skills to be evaluated. Etc.

Etc. = ‘end of thinking capacity’

This abbreviation or rather explanation of abbreviation came up last week, while I was working in the field. At the end of a long, long day, someone sighed it out.

Normal. Mediocre. And yet also a bright shining star. Making a difference.

One of my secrets of joy is focus. Focus not your fears, but on the Father. Focus not on life, but on living. Focus not on pain, but on peace.

And then everything just falls back together. The workload isn’t gone. But the peace and joy in it are back. When everyday days are enough. When I am ready to bite my teeth into challenges and opportunities. To learn and grow. And to simply live every day. Instead of letting it pass by.

Okay, I admit. I find this whole focus and joy thing really, really hard. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t already caught up in a job, but still free to do whatever I want. I still sort of am, I think. And I am doing what I love. Then everyday days become extraordinary. Days which make you tired and grateful and energized all at the same time.


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