Day 353 – PJs and soup

One of my favourite moments of the day. Curling up on the couch with a bowl of soup made from fresh veggies and in my PJs. ‘Huismus’ is the word for it in Dutch. Yesterday I wrote about everyday days. Because not everything and not every day have to be spectacular.

And you know, I find the normal, the simple things special. Like an email from my dad. A package from my mum. Handwritten cards from my grandma. Chocolate bar with caramel fudge and Waddensea-salt. Texts from friends overseas.

Sometimes life doesn’t have to be complicated. I like my simple, normal, extraordinary bits of it. And as much I have loved sharing the past year with the world, I’m so ready to be done with it. More about my final reflections on this writing adventure to come in the next two weeks as I am wrapping up.

But for now a cup of tea and a book. And then to bed.



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