Day 356 – Colour my world

Protests in downtown Kampala yesterday. Tear gas. Police. Demonstrations. Political unrest is not uncommon in this part of the world. Yet I don’t really notice. It could just as well be on the other side of the world. This city is big and I don’t really know about these political tensions. I don’t have a feel for them here yet. And frankly, I am also less invested, less interested. Maybe I should get a newspaper tomorrow morning to just read up on it.

It did make me think though. I am almost done with this blog. Almost ready to quit. Really, I am counting down. (And yes, I  am secretly proud of myself for having made it through the year.) But it’s totally fine to let go soon of this online adventure. Just like I can’t be too bothered about these political tensions, I am starting to get less invest in this blog. I am starting to say goodbye to this way to journaling and writing.

But I am mainly grateful I guess. Because this blog has given my year more colour. It’s been a friend in times of loneliness. It’s been a mirror to reflect my own miraculous mind. It’s been a shelter in times of brokenness and hardship. It’s been a joy in times of happiness. It’s been a flow of creativity in times of relaxation and stress. It’s been powerful and it has changed me.

During the last week, I am hoping to take you through my year again. Highlight some key lessons I learned and reflect with you on my year of being 24. In (almost) 365 daily stories. The end is near.


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