First of all, thank you for simply opening this blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

My name is Gerrianne Pennings. As you must have guessed already, I am 24 years old. I believe I am beautifully created by a loving Father, I am given a gift of grace by Jesus and I am inspired daily by the soft voice of the Holy Spirit.

I was born and raised at a farm in the Dutch country side. Recently obtained a Master’s degree (or actually three, I know it’s complicated) in International Migration and Social Cohesion. You can wake me up for good coffee, long hikes and drinking wine with friends.

I have a passion for social justice issues. Whether it is fancy villages in upstate New York, farms in Tanzania or clothing factories in Bangladesh, I will always be ready to start new journeys in order to make this world just a little bit more filled with kindness.

I love going to bed early with a good book. I love organising and creating. I love challenging myself and new projects. I love little moments. Such as laughing at our crazy, the smell of home, candle flames.

But I am also a sort of confused young woman. Not really knowing what’s ahead next. I think I probably should have some sort of long-term vision for my life, but then I wouldn’t really know how that is going to make today a better day.

If you want to read more about why I started this project, go read my first blog.

So here it is. 365 days of trying to figure it out. 1 story every 24 hours. 1 year of a 24-year-old. Joining me?

p.s. All the pictures in this blog are my own, unless specified otherwise. If you share a picture, please be so kind to let others know where you got it from. Thank you!

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