A spectacularly ordinary sunrise

It’s very hot and sticky in Uganda. I can’t remember that the dry and hot season started so early last year. It’s also the first Advent Sunday. (For those of you, who have no clue what that is... It’s a church thing, kind of a countdown to Christmas.) Gotta admit that it’s a little difficult... Continue Reading →

Feet on level ground

"My feet stand on level ground; in the great assembly I will praise the lord." Psalm 26:12 So I turned 26 this week. A solid number. That morning I read Psalm 26, it's a thing that sort of slipped its way into my family. That last verse got to me. Because I gotta be honest... Continue Reading →

Cheers to wine and life

Over the past few weeks I have had various people tell me that they miss my writing. And more than once that I realized I am missing it. As much as the public part of it was scary, it also gave something back to me that I don't get from my personal journal. The paper... Continue Reading →

Okay, one more…

So I have really neglected this blog. I had a nice idea for 2018, however that remained a personal pen and paper journaling thing. After I quit writing every day in October, a lot of people have commented that they missed my stories. Just because I am writing one now, doesn't mean I will completely... Continue Reading →

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