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August 2017

Day 333 – About Domtuin reflections

Right before coming to Uganda, I lived in Utrecht again for a couple months. In a lovely house, with cats and plants and the 8-o'clock news. I had a really nice job in which I got to learn and experiment... Continue Reading →

Day 331 – About format frustration and being thankful

Some days you wake up and you just know that today is not going to be your best day. So today: format frustration. It turned out to be just fine, and I don't mind at all admitting that I should... Continue Reading →

Day 330 – About long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships. I don't like the term. Because the connotation just sounds so negative. Like distance is the only thing defining that relationship. What is a long distance anyways? Because it's all so relative. I think you can experience more... Continue Reading →

Dag 329 – 5 maanden

Kwart over 6. Ik word wakker. Ben hier echt een ochtendmens. Was ik eigenlijk altijd al, maar hier in Uganda past het ook goed bij mijn werkritme. Vroeg mijn bed in, vroeg eruit. Maar omdat het vandaag zondag is, draai... Continue Reading →

Day 328 – Growing into the next thing

Last night, after a dinner I really enjoyed, I curled up in my own bed again. I always light one candle as I am reading and jot down some notes on the day. Yesterday I realized I had been in... Continue Reading →

Day 325 – Jam and cappuccino

I am fully back into work. Today was a long day in the field. Two hours driving, talking, endless speeches a la Uganda style, more talking, looking at some goats, visit a school. A typical day in the field. Then... Continue Reading →

Dag 323 – Eén stap tegelijk

Het is tijd voor een zondag update in mijn fijne moedertaal. Gisteren realiseerde ik me dat, hoe fijn het eigenlijk is om meer talen te kunnen spreken. Ik genoot volop van het Noord-Ierse accent van de nieuwe pastor familie terwijl... Continue Reading →

Day 322 – About feeling anxious and self care

Pff, I'm tired. I should be all energized from my leave and ready to get back into work. But maybe I am not. But just a couple texts from a friend already make such a difference. And while I am... Continue Reading →

Day 321 – Peace within

Last day of my leave. I want to make the most out of it, but I also want to take it easy. Easy on myself. Not giving myself the pressure that life and everything has to be epic all the... Continue Reading →

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