Day 91 – Last day of the year

My last blog of 2016 is here! A couple of months ago, I never would have dreamed that I would end the year with my 92nd blog post. Normally I just write about my day, something that happened and caught my interest, but as you do on the last day of the year, I want to take you through my year with all the ups and downs. My image of the day is from the moment that I came up with the idea to start this blog. The silver lines of a spider web in the warm September sunshine. These are my highlights in silver from 2016.

Day 90 – Frozen fingers, bitten fingers and friendship of nine-year-old boys in the Amazone

Yesterday was the first official ice day of 2016. So when everyone woke up this morning, there was no fog in this area, but a beautiful frozen spectacle awaited us. So after doing some work, I went outside for a walk. Nearly freezing off my fingers, but still beautiful. The sun only shines for a couple hours. It feels very dark. I guess that it way the frost is white, to bring some light into the darkness.

Day 89 – Reflecting light

Last night I walked around in Amsterdam. This month is the Amsterdam Light Festival. Beautiful art work that brighten up the dark days of December. I walked around with a couple friends. The mist had cleared, the cold was ignored and boats were going around in the famous canals of Amsterdam. The most beautiful piece of art, wasn't one that gave light, but it just reflected the light around it.

Day 88 – The infinity of camp

So today was Amsterdam filled day! Tourist in my own country. Not that we could see much, since the whole city was filled with fog. Yet Amsterdam has something mythical. Some streets and houses seem like they came straight out of a fairy tale. The bridges, canals, houses, history. They make Amsterdam just a little bit different than any other city. 

Day 87 – Windmills and rosy cheeks

Today was a beautiful day! It's not over yet, but so far, it counted as a good day. Just a clear blue sky and sun can already make such a difference. Today was museum day. If you haven't been reading my blog these last few days. I have a friend visiting from Colombia. She and I went to Camp Rising Sun together as staff last summer. It's been a very nice few days so far. With Christmas we didn't really travel around, but today we made up for that.

Day 86 – Melting cultures and families

I'm struggling with this one. My thoughts are there, but the words don't seem to fall into the right place. But what I am trying to bring across today has to do with the afternoon Christmas walk. Tons of families went to the nearby castle to walk around while the men were blowing traditional midwinter horns. It's an old craft. The long wooden horns are still hand made. The tradition gets passed on from grandfather to father to son. In the clear and crispy air, the sound carries far. Since it was a beautiful and clear day, the walk attracting many people on this second day of Christmas.

Day 85 – It’s Christmas!

I get so excited about Christmas! It's my favourite holiday of the year. It's a time of joy, family, way too much good food and lights. I like Christmas because of the happy atmosphere. You make just a little more effort to look nice and it's just wonderful to read cards, go to church and spend time with loved ones. Overall, Christmas is great.

Day 84 – Old places with new eyes

It's Christmas break and the amazing Cami is here! We met last summer at Camp Rising Sun in the United States. Now she is traveling around in Europe and spending crisis with my family. She arrived late last night and today was our first day together. I showed her around by bike. It doesn't get much more Dutch than that. Cycling in the cold, ice cold december wind.

Day 83 – It’s bigger than a dress

Lately I haven't bought clothes at all. Except for a second hand scarf and dress right after the summer. As I am participating in Dressember, I've become sort of creative with my dresses. Most of them are summer dresses, but with sweaters and cardigans, I manage to survive the winter cold. But for Christmas I wanted a different dress. One that is made from materials that are organic and fair. Made in a country that has decent working conditions.

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