Day 303 – God has humour

I just came home. I went out for a coffee with a friend. A sister. We resisted the coffee and cake part and drank some healthy juices instead. It's a simple hour of fellowship and trusting ourselves into the hands of God. As we sit in the quiet restaurant, it's a time in which my... Continue Reading →

Dag 302 – Brief aan Joshua

Vorige week schreef ik een pittige blog. Een rauw, eerlijk verhaal. Soms is het niet makkelijk. Ik sloot af met de woorden dat het uiteindelijk allemaal waard zou zijn. Toen had ik nog niet een half idee van hoe waar die woorden zouden zijn deze week. Lieve Dochter. Ik wist dat het niet lang zou duren... Continue Reading →

Day 300 – Dependency

For a very long time, probably as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be independent. Do my own thing, preferably without any help. This blogging adventure started that way too. Somewhere I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need anyone to become a writer. That I could just do it... Continue Reading →

Day 299 – Almost there

You know that feeling? Of almost being somewhere? It's a song we used to sing as kids on a school trip or holiday. In the back of the car. Excited, nervous or tired.  It's funny how my sense of time, travelling and the feeling of almost being there have changed. I got this picture from... Continue Reading →

Day 298 – I need a break

I need a break. I really, really need a break. Do I share too much? This blog has sort of opened up a lot. Mainly feelings. I just blur them out at the end of the day. But openness and honesty go a long way I have discovered. It's the blog posts that are raw,... Continue Reading →

Day 297 – Mirror

I stood in front of the mirror this morning. With my hair down, messy like it is after a night sleep. Last time I washed it was 3 days ago. Still a bit sleepy.  Curves and edges.  I have them. And I am proud of them. With my messy hair, a belly that isn't super... Continue Reading →

Day 296 – Up in the clouds

That moment you have typed up your whole blog and then it just disappears. Aah! Well, c'est la vie. But as long as I still have some battery left, let's type up what I still remember.  After yesterday's post on the sad side, I wanted today to be happier. And honestly it turned out to... Continue Reading →

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