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June 2017

Day 270 – How to live for beginners

It's been a while since I wrote about silence, spirituality and all that jazz. When I was back home in the fall I regularly visited the monastery close by. I would go for walks in the woods and then just... Continue Reading →

Day 269 – The ordinary days

I love the blue sky just before sunset. It's so intense and dark and beautiful. It changes every minute and then all the sudden it's gone. It's just pitch black. The day is over. It's one of those days were... Continue Reading →

Dag 267 – Sapjes en zonnebloemen

Een extra vrije dag vandaag en daar was ik eerlijk gezegd best aan toe. Gewoon even een extra dag om tot rust te komen, mijn huisje schoon te maken en voor mezelf te zorgen. Mijn vorige Nederlandse blog was die van... Continue Reading →

Day 266 & 268 – Catching up. On learning how to love.

To love abundantly is to live abundantly, and to love forever is to live forever. I'm sorry. I have not been keeping up with my blog in the past few days. I've journaled and written and been thinking, talking and... Continue Reading →

Day 265 – The countdown has begun. The adventure only just started.

Can you believe it? 100 more days and then I'll be 25. Then my blog project will be over. I remember writing blog number 100. On a cold January evening. With my laptop on the kitchen table. Cat on my... Continue Reading →

Day 264 – To my dear friend,

It's a Thursday evening. Only 101 days left of my writing project. So I'd better make them count, huh? I'm listening to some Norah Jonas music. The power is off tonight. It went off a bit after 6. I'd just... Continue Reading →

Day 263 – Laundry day

I talked about it with a friend on Sunday over lunch. How everyone back at home seems the think that when you live abroad, your life is always on a roller coaster high. The amazing trips you get to do,... Continue Reading →

Day 262 – World Refugee Day

She would sometimes come into my room at 2 am. With two mugs of hot tea. We would snuggle on my bed and she would talk. I listened. Sometimes I didn't understand, I couldn't grasp the things she was telling... Continue Reading →

Day 261 – Banana-mango bread and a promise to a friend

So I am doing this reading challenge with my sister. 50 books in one year. 52 actually, since one of the categories is 'a trilogy'. Either way, I'm doing not really well. I've read like 15 books or so and... Continue Reading →

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