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June 2017

Day 265 – The countdown has begun. The adventure only just started.

Can you believe it? 100 more days and then I'll be 25. Then my blog project will be over. I remember writing blog number 100. On a cold January evening. With my laptop on the kitchen table. Cat on my... Continue Reading →

Day 264 – To my dear friend,

It's a Thursday evening. Only 101 days left of my writing project. So I'd better make them count, huh? I'm listening to some Norah Jonas music. The power is off tonight. It went off a bit after 6. I'd just... Continue Reading →

Day 263 – Laundry day

I talked about it with a friend on Sunday over lunch. How everyone back at home seems the think that when you live abroad, your life is always on a roller coaster high. The amazing trips you get to do,... Continue Reading →

Day 262 – World Refugee Day

She would sometimes come into my room at 2 am. With two mugs of hot tea. We would snuggle on my bed and she would talk. I listened. Sometimes I didn't understand, I couldn't grasp the things she was telling... Continue Reading →

Day 261 – Banana-mango bread and a promise to a friend

So I am doing this reading challenge with my sister. 50 books in one year. 52 actually, since one of the categories is 'a trilogy'. Either way, I'm doing not really well. I've read like 15 books or so and... Continue Reading →

Dag 260 – Hutjes, hooiberg en familie

Het is vaderdag! Ook al ben ik niet meer zo klein dat ik 's ochtends naast het bed sta van mijn ouders met zelfgemaakte macaroni kettingen en groen met rood gestreepte klerenhangers, ik ben en blijf altijd één van mijn... Continue Reading →

Day 257 to 259 – The good and bad days

So, I have not been writing for a few days. Well, I have been writing, but not online. In that sense, I am definitely old-fashioned. Much prefer pen and paper. So my last update was about learning. And how your... Continue Reading →

Day 256 – Learning till the end

I am trying to think of something to write. My brain isn't working anymore. I am definitely not an evening person. Especially after a long day of work. Yesterday was a long day, but pretty energizing. Today was another long... Continue Reading →

Day 255 – Waiting for the future

My sister texted me today: "sometimes I wish I could just look ahead into the future.." I smile and text her back: "so would I.."  Isn't that what we all want sometimes? Just to know what's next. This morning I... Continue Reading →

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