Day 179 – Listening

Take a moment and just keep silent. What do you hear? Take a moment and just look around. What do you see? I just moved to a new country. Everything is new. The people, the views, the surroundings and the roads. It’s all different. The first few days are always tiring. Simply because there is... Continue Reading →

Day 175 – Surreal

It still feels surreal. It hasn't quite sunken in yet. I am leaving for East Africa soon. To a place where there is hunger. People are starving. To a place where there is war and never peace. People are on the run. In the news, they are talking about millions of people that don't have food.... Continue Reading →

Day 173 + 174 – Internet and alcohol

Days seem like weeks. And weeks seem like months. So much happens at the same time. My head is overflowing. I try to find bits of time to write in between, but it's only half finished blogs that don't make much sense to me when I read them an hour later. Things change too fast. Like yesterday blog about the sunset that I was witnessing from the train. The sky changes every minute, but everyone in the train was staring at their phone or laptop. No one saw the changing colours

Day 172 – Care for growth

Alles wat je aandacht geeft, groeit  "Everything that you give attention and care will grow." It seems so incredibly obvious. An overstatement. Nice quote, but let's move on now with practical solutions. I was reminded of this statement by Lennart, the creative mind and developer of Het Rooster. I read it somewhere in his ebook when... Continue Reading →

Day 170 & 171 – What do you really want?

Read an entire book in one go. Go straight to bed. As I add another three points on my to-do list, that's what goes through my mind. All the other things that I want to do. But I don't do all of the things I want to. Honestly I want to shut this computer down and not see it anymore for the next few days, or even weeks. But I can't. Because there are all these little things that need to be finished. Minutes from a meeting, emails to answer, blogs to write, documents to read. Sometimes I wish we lived in a world that wasn't always so incredibly online all the time. That everyone would be totally okay with pen and paper. That you wouldn't be expected to reply within a day.

Day 168 + 169 

Friday I ended my blog abruptly, because one of my favourite girls in the world asked if I could play a game with her before her bedtime. As I was writing to myself about forgetting to grasp little moments, I realised this was one. An opportunity right there. I grabbed it and left my blog... Continue Reading →

Day 167 – Grasp the little moments

Sunshine on the wall. Bright pink tulips. I know that the moment will be gone in minutes, so I grab my phone and take a picture. But in a matter of seconds, I forgot about the picture. The sun disappeared and I continued with what I was doing before. Later I remembered the picture and I posted it on Instagram. Remembering the inner smile and the sense of urgency that I had to capture the moment. But I seem to be too busy to hold on to it.

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