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May 2017

Day 241 – At home in the world

"Hallo, it's insert name of my grandfather speaking." "Hi opa, it's me, Gerrianne." It's quiet for a few seconds. "Gerrianne. How is that possible? You are so far away." "Well, that's the advantage of modern day technology." The conversation goes on for... Continue Reading →

Day 240 – Dear future husband,

First of all, please don't freak out. We haven't even met yet. Or maybe we have, and I just haven't realised yet. Either way, I can't wait for the day that we do get to meet. Or the day we... Continue Reading →

Dag 239 – Heb het leven lief

Tijd is een bijzonder iets. Menselijk. Bedacht om grip te krijgen op de wereld om ons heen. Het is zondagavond. De hele dag loop ik al rond met deze blog in mijn hoofd. Woorden die zich langzaam vormen, herschikken, verdwijnen en weer... Continue Reading →

Day 238 – 2 months

Monday morning. 27 March 2017. That’s when I hugged my close family and friends one more time. After a super long line through security, I got on a plane. Ready for a new adventure. I sort of had this idea... Continue Reading →

Day 237 – Seize the day

"You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are going to find it at all." ― Dead Poets Society It's been a long week. I am exhausted. The week... Continue Reading →

Day 233 – Body and I are not friends today.

Yesterday and today for sure haven't been my finished days in Uganda. I don't know what happened to my body, but for some reason, it decided to not be friendly to me and basically throw out every bit of food... Continue Reading →

Day 231 – Short and sweet

You know what? Today I am going to keep it short. This morning I posted my Day 231 on social media. It really was a pure moment in which my heart was overflowing with joy, contentment and happiness. I posted... Continue Reading →

Day 230 – Remember the days…

When I open my blog, one of the first things I see is my daily stats. My favourite bit is the world map that highlights all the countries from which people look at my blog. Always a good number of... Continue Reading →

Day 229 – Relieved

So how do I get unstuck? How do I make the right decision? I must admit that I’ve always been really good at putting pressure on myself. As much as I want to give myself time and space to come... Continue Reading →

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