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Day 254 – The beauty of solitude

No picture today. Simply because today's view wouldn't be possible to capture in a picture. Imagine running up a hill. Blue Nikes become grey and red and brown from the dusty road. You are running towards a blue, misty mountain.... Continue Reading →

Day 252 – Waiting

So I am waiting. Waiting for a car to pick me up. In the mean time, I am answering emails that have been in my inbox for way too long. I am making myself some fresh Saturday morning coffee and... Continue Reading →

Day 251 – Science of love

What is love? What is it really? I woke up at 6 am today. Didn't even need my alarm clock. Just to remember that I had two Skype dates. One with three lovely girls in South America. One coming up... Continue Reading →

Day 250 – Life is short, people

When I get to full numbers, like 250, I always get a bit emotional, nostalgic and reflective. The last couple days I have already been playing around with topics in my mind about what to write on day 250. I... Continue Reading →

Day 249 – Gifts from home

I love packages. Send me a letter. A hand-written note. Or something that requires tape and stamps, and I am the happiest person. Today was a good day. I couldn't sleep much last night, woke up all broken, but then... Continue Reading →

Day 248 – A long day and a poem that made me cry

Dear all, I'm simply too tired. It's been a very, very long day. I woke up around 5 am. Couldn't really sleep anymore. Worked from about 8 am to way too late. I wanted to write about trust. But I... Continue Reading →

Day 247 – Painful progress

I just kicked off my shoes. It's hot and sticky today. Some thunder is rolling in the background. Feet up in my desk chair. My chin rests on my knees. I have 5 draft emails open, 3 Word documents and... Continue Reading →

Day 246 – Volheid in gebrokenheid

Een week geleden schreef ik over het leven lief hebben. Eerder die dag had ik het erover met een vriendin. Ze las me het volgende voor uit één van mijn favoriete boeken van Paulo Coelho. ‘Dus wat de toekomst je... Continue Reading →

Day 244 & 245 – Womanhood

This weekend so far has been really, really good. (Notice I have started to use double words. It's a Ugandan thing. People do it here all the time when they talk.) Either way, why has it been that good? The... Continue Reading →

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