Day 341 – Steps

Step by step. Just do the next thing. Don't worry about tomorrow, just focus on what you need to get done today. It's all sorts of thoughts that go through my mind. The whole day.  Life is a bit insecure at the moment. Lots is changing and I am not sure if I am handling... Continue Reading →

Day 340 – The end is near

I am really starting to feel it. The end is near. It's almost over. And as I am approaching the end, I really feel that I need a break from being online. It's not so much the writing that is an issue. I will definitely keep doing that, but the online part of it, has... Continue Reading →

Day 338 – Typing

It has been raining over the past couple days. I love the sound on my tin roof. Today in the office I noticed how the 6 hands and 30 fingers of my colleagues and their keyboards and I are sort of like raindrops on a rooftop. It almost has a musical ring to it. Hearing... Continue Reading →

Dag 336 – Gedeelde dromen

De afgelopen week was een pittige week. Ik was niet helemaal fit. Heb heel veel geslapen en kan niet echt ergens energie voor vinden. Vanochtend waren het de woorden “Kom tot Mij allen die vermoeid en belast zijn en Ik zal je rust geven” die even de pijnlijke plek aanraakten. Want o, wat vind ik... Continue Reading →

Day 330 – About long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships. I don't like the term. Because the connotation just sounds so negative. Like distance is the only thing defining that relationship. What is a long distance anyways? Because it's all so relative. I think you can experience more distance with someone sitting across from you at the kitchen table compared to someone on... Continue Reading →

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