Day 40 – The dark days of November

It's cold outside. The first week of real freezing winter weather. The days are short. It gets dark by 5 in the afternoon and it rains. Not the kind of refreshing rain you will gladly welcoming in the summer, but the drops that feel like spikes of cold ice. I love the autumn that slowly changes colour and leaves you with breathtaking warm and sunny days. But this autumn with the wind and the rain is not my favourite.

Day 33 – Faithfulness

Trees are something special. Not only are they tall and beautiful and they smell good, they always remind me of how small I am. Usually that's a good thing, because trees make me realise that whatever I am dealing with, it's insignificant in comparison to steadiness and trust of those trees.

Day 29 – Pizza life

I never had pizza until I was 15. It might not be my favourite food, but making it like from scratch and eating it fresh from the outside oven is pretty amazing pizza life. This morning I made the dough, let the yeast do its job. My dad prepared the oven, my sister baked a bread first and then the pizza went in. Cheap, authentic and so delicious.

Day 26 – Autumn colours

Ernest Hemingway There are many things that I like about the autumn season. The way the sunlight is warm, soft and almost like gold. The trees slowly change into the most beautiful colours. It's the time of year for fires and making soups. But then it is also the time of year when the days get shorter, it gets colder and the trees eventually loose all the leaves. The autumn makes place for the winter.

Day 13 – Simple is good enough

Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend at a place called 'bijzonder gewoon'. I guess I would translate it with 'especially ordinary'. It's a lunch place in a town nearby where young people with a disability work. The place was filled with people, the food was really nice and the service excellent. In those moments life has a simplicity to it that I just absolutely love.

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