Day 52 – When the floods rise

Maybe you've heard about the new documentary Before the Flood from Leonardo DiCaprio. I still have to watch it, but I've heard good things about it and will definitely take time to watch it soon. The storm of this weekend showed me again that the world is changing. Weather is getting extremer and frankly, we are screwing up the planet. Talking about creation and how we are dealing with this planet gets me excited, angry and passionate. Because we really do need to do something about it.

Day 48 -Why don’t we read more?

Last night I was preparing for next week, a discussion about creation, evolution and climate change. Not the lightest of topics with curious teenagers. How do I deal with that? Do I know enough? Probably not. When I was their age about ten years ago, I wanted to know everything. Every little detail. In order to find out, I would read. Get books, articles, Google, ask people how know more. However with the whole world available in our hands, I feel like we know less than ever before.

Day 43 – Change it a little bit

I am on the way home. It's quite in the train. People are all in there own world with there mobile devices. It's kind of paradoxical, don't you think? How we've becoming so connected with the world online that we've totally disconnected from the world around us. The man next me reads his Psychology Today articles on his iPad. The title of one of the articles: 'forgiving is good for you'. It brings me back to the Justice conference I attended today. One thought remains. It isn't about me, it's about Jesus who lived his whole life with justice and forgiveness at the center.

Day 29 – Pizza life

I never had pizza until I was 15. It might not be my favourite food, but making it like from scratch and eating it fresh from the outside oven is pretty amazing pizza life. This morning I made the dough, let the yeast do its job. My dad prepared the oven, my sister baked a bread first and then the pizza went in. Cheap, authentic and so delicious.

Day 26 – Autumn colours

Ernest Hemingway There are many things that I like about the autumn season. The way the sunlight is warm, soft and almost like gold. The trees slowly change into the most beautiful colours. It's the time of year for fires and making soups. But then it is also the time of year when the days get shorter, it gets colder and the trees eventually loose all the leaves. The autumn makes place for the winter.

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