Day 255 – Waiting for the future

My sister texted me today: "sometimes I wish I could just look ahead into the future.." I smile and text her back: "so would I.."  Isn't that what we all want sometimes? Just to know what's next. This morning I had a discussion during breakfast with colleagues about having children and careers and marriage. The... Continue Reading →

Day 240 – Dear future husband,

First of all, please don't freak out. We haven't even met yet. Or maybe we have, and I just haven't realised yet. Either way, I can't wait for the day that we do get to meet. Or the day we meet again. Please don't be afraid to take some initiative. I won't bite or reject... Continue Reading →

Day 164 – Let your voice be heard!

Vandaag maak ik een uitzondering en schrijf ik in mijn moedertaal. Want wat ik vandaag wil zeggen is belangrijk voor iedereen die in dit kleine, maar o zo mooie land woont. Want morgen gaan we stemmen. Heb je je wel eens gerealiseerd hoe fantastisch mooi dat woord eigenlijk is? Stemmen. Het gaat niet alleen over een vakje aankruisen met een rood potlood, maar over je stem laten horen. Alle rode vakjes bij elkaar zijn de stemmen van ons volk. Grijp jij je kans om je stem te laten horen?

Day 143 – Period drama

So if you live a house with women, that one topic is probably going to come up. Periods. The mornings you wake up with cramps, feeling nauseous and tired, are not our most favourite moments of the month. Sometimes I wonder why we still don't really talk about periods too much. Unless you have this level of comfort with someone, it isn't a topic you just bring up and it doesn't feel like a valid reason to stay home from work for a day. So ladies, and gentlemen, let's just be open and honest about those mood swings and cramps.

Day 136 – Over the horizon

Today is not a kind of happy Valentines for me. Every muscle in my body hurts. My noses is stuffed and my throat swollen. My memory makes working not very easy and everything costs energy. I am going to finish today's blog and then go to sleep. Its days like this, battling with the flu my sister had a couple weeks back, that I realise how small we are as human beings.

Day 132 – Destination unknown

Some of you may know the specifics already, but many of you might also still have no idea. Either way, I am not yet giving away too much, but there will be new destinations coming up. I will tell you all about it when the time is right. But as I am starting to prepare, I have this feeling that even though I might prepare every spare minute, the destination will always be unknown until the day that I breath in the air, hear the sounds and feel the sun in that new place.

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