Day 129 – Inform yourself

It seems like this is an 'I am giving advice' type of week. I started this weekend with writing about questioning yourself, yesterday I wrote about caring for our planet. Today is a blog about informing yourself. I spend some unexpected hours in a train today, so I decided to start reading a book that I have read some bits and pieces of, but never read completely: no logo from Naomi Klein. But I don't really care if you read this book or not. As long as you read, watch, listen and inform yourself, I am more than happy.

Day 128 – Take care of our planet

This beautiful photograph is made by one of my old school friends. She discovered nature photography a while ago and has made the most beautiful pictures. Like this one of a little robin that just flew against the window and is still a bit confused. The last time we photographed together was this summer. A field of wild orchids around sunset. Moments in nature like these stay with me for a long time. If I close my eyes, it's almost if I am back there.

Day 115 – Education, education, education!

This Sunday, my mum asked one of my second cousins if he liked school. He is about six years old and goes to primary school. He nodded with his head and his mother, my cousin, answered that he liked it. I said that he should stay in school as long as possible. His mother started laughing and said that we don't all have brains like I do. She has a point. On my dad's side of the family I am the first with a university degree at graduate level. Hopefully not the last.

Day 105 – Sowing for the future

Earlier today I wrote my last night's blog about the future. Some of my friends have this clear picture in their mind of how the future is going to look like. Especially for the other. So as I was writing about our futures, our hippie weddings and 2.4 children, it got me thinking about the uncertainty of future. Don't people always say: live in the moment, don't worry about tomorrow. As someone who has always made plans, always thought about the future, I tend to disagree to some extend.

Day 104 – Fantasizing about futures

When long days become late nights, you know that blog writing isn't going to happen anymore. After I came home last night (a.k.a. very early in the morning) from an evening with friends. During the card game we played I already realised that my brain didn't really function anymore, so writing a proper blog wasn't going to happen. So jeeij! You get to read 3 blogs during your weekend! One of the things we talked about was our future lives. Time is a weird, flowing thing. We all have awfully detailed pictures in our heads. Not of ourselves. From each other.

Day 92 – First day of the year

I never liked New Year's Eve that much. It just feels like a bit of a forced holiday. Just sitting around waiting till it's midnight. I don't feel the magic. It makes me feel melancholic and old. But yesterday felt like old days. I celebrated it again in my hometown. It had been a couple years, but I wasn't disappointed. On top of celebrating the new year, one of my friends proposed to his girlfriend. Right after her 'yes', the first fireworks went up in the air. One big happy party.

Day 39 – Strong and courageous

I wrote this poem or whatever you may call it, yesterday afternoon. Not knowing I would wake up to an election result that would shake the whole world. The picture was taken on one of my last days in the States this summer. The poem is a reflection of my last morning at that same lake. Jokingly I have said: "If Trump becomes president, I ain't coming back." Maybe I won't. I don't know what is going to happen after today. Neither does anyone else.

Day 13 – Simple is good enough

Yesterday I had lunch with a close friend at a place called 'bijzonder gewoon'. I guess I would translate it with 'especially ordinary'. It's a lunch place in a town nearby where young people with a disability work. The place was filled with people, the food was really nice and the service excellent. In those moments life has a simplicity to it that I just absolutely love.

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