Day 222 – Dreaming and hoping

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus That's the translation of one of the many inspirational quotes hanging in my parents bathroom. It's been there for years. Today's picture is an old instagram post from... Continue Reading →

Day 35 – Celebration

Empty blog page in front of me. I don't really have the words to reflect on yesterday. Too little sleep perhaps or just endless amounts of gratitude that I don't know how to express. Even though I wasn't supposed to be at my own graduation, I made it after all. If you want to know why, read my day 24 blog. So there I was, with 5 other amazing young women, at the University of Amsterdam. Graduation. Master of Science degree in Sociology is real now.

Day 20 – 11 786 km in 24 hours

Instead of walking through Addis Ababa, I am walking through the Dutch rain. That wasn't quite planned. Yet that's how it is. The past 2 days are probably the weirdest days of this year so far. I don't really feel like writing today. But I made a promise to you and myself to write about anything that would happen this year. So here it is: the story about how I broke my track record of distance travelled in a day. New record stands at 11.786 kilometers in about 24 hours.

Day 10 – When mist disappears

I like mist in the morning. It gives a sense of mystery. The world slowly reveals itself as the sun rises. It feels like everything is just a little bit more quiet. Like the world is waiting for something to unveil. So after I took the picture from my bedroom window, I just stood there to watch the sunrise. Watch morning glory unfold.

Day 8 – Home around the world

This weekend I hosted Leo. He is a from Costa Rica and cycling from Denmark to Madrid in one month. So last night he arrived, tired and cold looking for a home. That's the thing I like about Couchsurfing. You always have a home somewhere around the world. Hospitality is not a complicating thing. You offer you home as a place to stay for people who need it. In return you have access to plenty of homes during your own travels and adventures. Sometimes I wish peace was that simple.

Week 1 – About beginnings, building bridges and being

So my first week of writing is done. 7 stories are online. 358 stories to go. Okay, that's still a lot. But a decent start is half the work, right? I am truly amazed by the responses of people on this project. So many people that are reading the stories and feel inspired somehow. I can't really get my head around that. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Thoughts that I don't edit, but are just mine put into words on a screen. In case you haven't followed my blog this week, here is an overview. I will try to write one every week with additional thoughts, funny stories on how people react to the blog posts or just my personal reflection. Enjoy!

Day 7 – Bridges

I took today's picture in Utrecht earlier this week. It's one of my favourite bridges. I remember canoeing around this area when I lived here, always having the best time on the water. Spending the last two days in Utrecht made me realise how much I miss living this city. It's not the pavements that are unbearable when you're wearing high heels. It's not the construction site a.k.a new train station in the making. It's not every little street that looks like a fairy tale on its own or the markets with fresh flowers, fish and vegetables. What I really miss about Utrecht is the bridges.

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