Day 165 – Annoyingly happy

It's still early. I often write these blogs somewhere during the day and then I post them at night. I am in the train on my way to another round of preparations. The girls in front of me are talking about dating a guy who is afraid of commitment. The girl next to me is on her phone with someone from work. The guy on the other side of the aisle is solving a sudoku in the morning paper. And there I am, with my thick winter coat that is too warm and a smile on my face.

Day 135 – Insecurity

This morning I woke up with a feeling of insecurity. It might just be hormones. If that's it, than tomorrow will probably be better again. But somewhere it feels different today. It's not just about that time of the month. So I looked up some articles about insecurity. Luckily, it is old as humanity. I find it hard to write about what it is that stirred in my heart this morning. But just a couple thoughts about how this feels.

Day 103 – The art of happiness…

... is to serve all. Tea quotes are definitely one of my favourite things in the world. I bet you that if the sound of music would have been written in the 21th century, there would have been a line in 'My favourite things' about quotes on the labels of tea bags. A week ago I wrote about the wonderful moments of having to think about nothing else but a musical on tv and a cup of tea. Another reason why I like tea. In that sense, tea serves the purpose of serving me a little moment a happiness.

Day 101 – Time to mourn

First of all, I am blown away by all the support on Facebook. So many positive responses and in these busy times, it might indeed be a much easier way to follow my daily journey through this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Day 100 – Time to celebrate!

Today is a good day. A fantastic day! I woke up to the sound of children going to school and my first thoughts were about the book that I read last night before going to sleep. I made myself breakfast. And started with my day. This is one of those days were everything just seems to work. I started with some job applications and got two calls immediately after applying. Interviews are set and I am starting to feel really excited and enthusiastic. Besides the job search turning out well, I feel like I am moving again. After a couple months of rest and reflection, the time to work and invest has come again. So tonight I am celebrating. First dinner with all my house mates who are back from holidays. My favourite desert is ready, dinner in the oven. Let's celebrate!

Day 87 – Windmills and rosy cheeks

Today was a beautiful day! It's not over yet, but so far, it counted as a good day. Just a clear blue sky and sun can already make such a difference. Today was museum day. If you haven't been reading my blog these last few days. I have a friend visiting from Colombia. She and I went to Camp Rising Sun together as staff last summer. It's been a very nice few days so far. With Christmas we didn't really travel around, but today we made up for that.

Day 86 – Melting cultures and families

I'm struggling with this one. My thoughts are there, but the words don't seem to fall into the right place. But what I am trying to bring across today has to do with the afternoon Christmas walk. Tons of families went to the nearby castle to walk around while the men were blowing traditional midwinter horns. It's an old craft. The long wooden horns are still hand made. The tradition gets passed on from grandfather to father to son. In the clear and crispy air, the sound carries far. Since it was a beautiful and clear day, the walk attracting many people on this second day of Christmas.

Day 29 – Pizza life

I never had pizza until I was 15. It might not be my favourite food, but making it like from scratch and eating it fresh from the outside oven is pretty amazing pizza life. This morning I made the dough, let the yeast do its job. My dad prepared the oven, my sister baked a bread first and then the pizza went in. Cheap, authentic and so delicious.

Day 24 – Illegal

For the first time in my life, I can feel just a little bit what the man in the green hoodie feels. Just a tiny, tiny bit. Because I had a warm home to return to and he doesn't. He is stuck at the border of France in the jungle of Calais. Waiting. Stuck in illegality. Being illegal is a weird thing. Last week, when our visa was denied at the Ethiopian border, I was mainly angry. Disappointed. I completely understand the reason behind passports and borders, yet the rules and regulations sometimes seem so arbitrary and complex.

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