Day 156 – Long live my lungs

Spring started! It’s light when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. It’s getting a little greener outside. I love those days when you can jump on your bike with bare legs and a t-shirt. Spring is amazing and I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy it. Except maybe the people that go through this season with a running nose, teary eyes and half-working lungs. I am one of those. Allergies.

Day 143 – Period drama

So if you live a house with women, that one topic is probably going to come up. Periods. The mornings you wake up with cramps, feeling nauseous and tired, are not our most favourite moments of the month. Sometimes I wonder why we still don't really talk about periods too much. Unless you have this level of comfort with someone, it isn't a topic you just bring up and it doesn't feel like a valid reason to stay home from work for a day. So ladies, and gentlemen, let's just be open and honest about those mood swings and cramps.

Day 140 – Getting better

Sometimes I can be quite stubborn. In general, I try to be flexible and patient, but sometimes I am the only one who knows what's best for me, right? This week has not been easy. I've been working, but my body was protesting. It needed time to rest, sleep and heal. Like our cats, sleeping in the sunshine. The whole week I have been doing exactly the opposite thought. Just getting enough rest to manage again the next day but without acknowledging that my body needed more time. Over the past couple days, I learned that the hard way. Not only did I not sleep well, but I vomited, coughed, sneezed and any other type of bodily flued left with giving that clear sign: you need to get better first.

Day 79 – Staring out of the window

Is it useless? Is it wasting time? Just staring out of the window for a few minutes. Because the sky is so pretty or the sun is warm on your face. Just a moment of thinking about nothing. If I catch myself, my first thought is usually guilt rather than feeling relaxed. That makes me wonder to what extend I have internalized the pressure to be always active. To be useful and to make a difference. Because staring out of the window is just plainly useless, right?

Day 74 – Vitamins

I don't know about you, but I miss the summer. I miss a lot of things about it, but amongst those are fresh fruits. I  consider myself being very lucky, because I got to grow up surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables. Although I never really knew  what it was like to grow up without it, I took it for granted.

Day 70 – Warning: low energy levels 

Okay, so it's been a bit of a week with ups and downs. Some real disappointments mixed with new opportunities,  while battling through a week with a flu. I don't like being sick as it really affects my memory. I just forget stuff and mostly just feel incredibly tired. So what do I write about on a day in which I don't wake up feeling rested, when I take two hours to bake a cake (which did taste good though) and invest time in transcribing an interview.

Day 69 – All you need is less

This summer I went on a crazy little travel adventure through Europe for two conference crammed in ten days. Somewhere along the way I lost my wallet. I still have no idea where it is. Luckily it only had a few dollars, a few euros and a NYC metro card in it. All my other bank cards, driver's licence and my passport I kept separate, so not really any harm done. However, I did need a new wallet, so I quickly bought one at a Polish busstation a.k.a. fancy shopping mall. It says: "all you need is less", after just losing mine (and I never lose stuff) I thought that was a nice ironic reminder not to be too upset about the lost one.

Day 51 – Health obsessions

This morning I woke up with the thought, I really want to go running today and do some yoga. Nothing wrong with that. I am even slightly surprised by my motivation today, because really I am not the sports-type-girl. When I was young I really didn't like gym classes, I got decent grades by simply being nice in team sports instead of being blinded by competitiveness. So with the idea in my head to do some sports today, I get up and go downstairs for some breakfast. As I get some yogurt with muesli and fruits, I think back about the news item I saw last night. About children between 8 and 13 years-old that are obsessed by healthy eating which turns into anorexia nervosa.

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