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Day 319 – Home

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius And we are back in Kampala. Laundry sorted, dinner is cooking and movie night is about to start. That's the sentence I typed on my phone to start this blog. By now... Continue Reading →

Day 279 to 281 – Be in love / In liefde zijn

Some days it's really, really hard to be away from home. It took me a couple days to write. I couldn't write. I didn't have the words. The last transcendental imperative I was going to write about was 'be in... Continue Reading →

Day 262 – World Refugee Day

She would sometimes come into my room at 2 am. With two mugs of hot tea. We would snuggle on my bed and she would talk. I listened. Sometimes I didn't understand, I couldn't grasp the things she was telling... Continue Reading →

Day 241 – At home in the world

"Hallo, it's insert name of my grandfather speaking." "Hi opa, it's me, Gerrianne." It's quiet for a few seconds. "Gerrianne. How is that possible? You are so far away." "Well, that's the advantage of modern day technology." The conversation goes on for... Continue Reading →

Day 224 – Lazy saturdays

I like to be productive. Always doing something or planning the next thing. You can call that hard-working, but it also has a bit of perfectionism to it. That's why I am trying to teach myself to not plan stuff... Continue Reading →

Day 221 – Baking therapy

One of my go-to methods to not become stressed is baking. There is nothing better than kneading some dough, cutting apples (and eating half) and pouring love and cinnamon into an apple pie. It reminds me of Sunday mornings after... Continue Reading →

Day 207 – Home away from home

I left home a month ago.  Today I went furniture shopping and piece by piece my new house is becoming a home.  The introvert in me can't wait to give my things a space. Clear out my desk, so I... Continue Reading →

Day 180 to 182 – Lemon tree

It’s weekend. A warm and peaceful Saturday. I wrote a blog post on Day 180, but somehow it disappeared in the draft stage. My head has been too full with all the thoughts and emotions to write something down. But... Continue Reading →

Day 176 + 177 – Always a reason to celebrate

You can look at life in different ways. But you always have a choice. A certain level of freedom. Even in the most difficult times of your life. I'd like to think of myself as a positive person. With always... Continue Reading →

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