Day 357 – Maggie and maps

I woke up from the birds. Like a usual morning. It’s a little past 7. Slept an hour longer than usual. I am struggling to get out of bed. Turn around a couple times more in my squeaky sounding small bed. Appreciative of the little house I get to live in. Looking forward to a... Continue Reading →

Day 172 – Care for growth

Alles wat je aandacht geeft, groeit  "Everything that you give attention and care will grow." It seems so incredibly obvious. An overstatement. Nice quote, but let's move on now with practical solutions. I was reminded of this statement by Lennart, the creative mind and developer of Het Rooster. I read it somewhere in his ebook when... Continue Reading →

Day 141 – Practice love and loyalty

It's Sunday evening. I am watching Call the Midwife on BBC one. The intro of the series starts with an opening from diary of a midwife. "Chapter 1. Why did I even start this?" It's exactly the thought that I have been having during the past week. I wasn't feeling well, didn't have much energy and didn't really have any inspiration. But this weekend I also saw some special friends that I hadn't seen a long while. Most of them I hadn't seen since I started this blog, but quite a few of them have been following my stories to my surprise. Some asked me how I managed to keep it up. The answer came to me somewhere on the walk through the city. It takes practice. The practice of love and loyalty.

Day 120 – Simple pleasures, judging oneself and seeing with the heart

For a couple days in row I wrote about being a millennial, about friendships, missing people and being scared to commit. Establishing ties with this world is a strange thing. To some extend I will always be a stranger and a pilgrim, I guess. That okay. I've come to terms with never being home completely as long as we are imperfect people in an imperfect world. I would like to finish my weekend and this Sunday with three thoughts and three related Le Petit Prince quotes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Bits and pieces of wisdom to give you hope for a new week to come.

Day 110 – Why I don’t like leadership books

Seminars, TED talks, YouTube videos or some other form of leadership input has always fascinated me. I understand that a textbook about biology can be useful or maybe even one with the most common psychological theories. But leadership is such an intangible something. How do you put that in a diagram or explain that in a 20-minute video? Today I went back to a book that I read a couple years ago by John Maxwell. He is a pretty well known leader who has written tons of books on the topic. Even though his input is very digestible and easy to apply in your own context, somewhere deep inside of me I am always a little bit critical. Is it really that easy?

Day 107 – Butterflies in my stomach

Do you know that feeling? Butterflies in your stomach? I see you all thinking. "Is she in love?" Okay, I'm not in love. Or maybe I am. But I am keeping that information for myself. At least for now. I want to write about a different type of butterflies. The butterflies you get when you wake up after a good night sleep and are motivated for a new day. The butterflies you get when you are starting a new project. The butterflies you get when you finally clean up your room, ready to move to new destinations. The butterflies that I feel when I find my purpose.

Day 75 – I. am. not. giving. up.

Today's picture is a #throwbackthursday one. There really wasn't anything spectacular to photograph about today, other than utter greyness. It's the dark days before Christmas, you know the story. But that doesn't mean there isn't something beautiful in each day. Today's greyness took me back to when I walked in the beautiful sun of spring. In the spring of 2015 I walked a little bit of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. My first Camino experience was one to never forget. I walked with a group of students from all different backgrounds and it was definitely my highlight of my time living in Spain.

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