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Day 361 – Midway point

I still remember the first week I was here in Uganda. Hosted by a wonderful family. Felt at home pretty quickly. Sat on the same couch as I am sitting on now to eat my first home-cooked meal. 6 months... Continue Reading →

Day 357 – Maggie and maps

I woke up from the birds. Like a usual morning. It’s a little past 7. Slept an hour longer than usual. I am struggling to get out of bed. Turn around a couple times more in my squeaky sounding small... Continue Reading →

Day 356 – Colour my world

Protests in downtown Kampala yesterday. Tear gas. Police. Demonstrations. Political unrest is not uncommon in this part of the world. Yet I don't really notice. It could just as well be on the other side of the world. This city... Continue Reading →

Day 277 & 278 – Be reasonable. Be responsible.

Sound advice. It sounds so simple. So logical. These come quite naturally to me, I think. I remember last year, when I was working at Camp Rising Sun in the States. One of the girls I worked with, I also... Continue Reading →

Day 261 – Banana-mango bread and a promise to a friend

So I am doing this reading challenge with my sister. 50 books in one year. 52 actually, since one of the categories is 'a trilogy'. Either way, I'm doing not really well. I've read like 15 books or so and... Continue Reading →

Day 213 – Abundant life and too tired to capture it

It's been hardly possible to keep up with writing. I write in my notebook, but can't find the time, nor energy to publish my posts. And that's okay, simply because I am exhausted.  Party on Kingsday. A long, long journey... Continue Reading →

Day 198 – Season of brokenness

Easter weekend is almost over. These past 4 days went by so fast. Beforehand I was really looking forward to having a couple days of rest. Days to let everything of the first weeks of Uganda life sink in. Yesterday... Continue Reading →

Day 134 – Sacrifices

Yesterday I wrote a little bit about my little romance with the city I live in at the moment. Especially if it gives me a beautiful scenery in snow. But today I got to think about that end part of the movie. When we flash forward to five years later and you see what could have been instead of what is. I don't want to give too much away for those that haven't seen it yet. But one message remains. Life isn't always a Hollywood movie with a happy ending in the fairy tale type way.

Day 109 – Called for a journey

I would like to share a story with you. A story that I started reading about a week ago. I've been reading bits and pieces every night in the last week. It's a story that I have known ever since I was a child. A story that triggered my childhood fantasy. A story that inspired me as a young leader. A story that fascinated me from the perspective of being a sister. A story that continues to give me input in making life decisions. So here it is, my own take on a very old story.

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