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Day 154 + 155 – Melting hearts of stone

So it turns out that even the Netherlands has remote areas without internet access. So when I drafted a blog yesterday during a weekend with church I couldn't upload what I wrote. Now I am in the train on my way home and I am trying bring all thoughts together. I am having quite a few of them, so consider this one a therapeutic rant to get it out of my head and let it sink deeper in my heart.

Day 139 – How to give good advice

Giving advice. I don't know how I feel about it. I have friends who ask for advice. What do I say? I try not to overthink it, but I also want to carefully consider my answers. Sometimes I hope don't take what I say to seriously, but it does come from a good heart. Having said that, I am currently writing up some notes into a coherent document with ideas about leadership.

Day 131 – Be like a tree

I have two books at the moment with trees on the cover. Maybe not such impressive trees as the one on this photo from somewhere in Tanzania where the nights are truly dark and the days are warm and dry. Trees. Both books are about growth and finding purpose. One of them has small bits of poetry to start the day. The other has long, extensive chapters with questions and a decent structure. Yet I am not convinced. That last one though, so beautiful based on the cover, is not really what I hoped they would be. Lesson learned: never judge a book based on its cover.

Day 129 – Inform yourself

It seems like this is an 'I am giving advice' type of week. I started this weekend with writing about questioning yourself, yesterday I wrote about caring for our planet. Today is a blog about informing yourself. I spend some unexpected hours in a train today, so I decided to start reading a book that I have read some bits and pieces of, but never read completely: no logo from Naomi Klein. But I don't really care if you read this book or not. As long as you read, watch, listen and inform yourself, I am more than happy.

Day 107 – Butterflies in my stomach

Do you know that feeling? Butterflies in your stomach? I see you all thinking. "Is she in love?" Okay, I'm not in love. Or maybe I am. But I am keeping that information for myself. At least for now. I want to write about a different type of butterflies. The butterflies you get when you wake up after a good night sleep and are motivated for a new day. The butterflies you get when you are starting a new project. The butterflies you get when you finally clean up your room, ready to move to new destinations. The butterflies that I feel when I find my purpose.

Day 105 – Sowing for the future

Earlier today I wrote my last night's blog about the future. Some of my friends have this clear picture in their mind of how the future is going to look like. Especially for the other. So as I was writing about our futures, our hippie weddings and 2.4 children, it got me thinking about the uncertainty of future. Don't people always say: live in the moment, don't worry about tomorrow. As someone who has always made plans, always thought about the future, I tend to disagree to some extend.

Day 79 – Staring out of the window

Is it useless? Is it wasting time? Just staring out of the window for a few minutes. Because the sky is so pretty or the sun is warm on your face. Just a moment of thinking about nothing. If I catch myself, my first thought is usually guilt rather than feeling relaxed. That makes me wonder to what extend I have internalized the pressure to be always active. To be useful and to make a difference. Because staring out of the window is just plainly useless, right?

Day 75 – I. am. not. giving. up.

Today's picture is a #throwbackthursday one. There really wasn't anything spectacular to photograph about today, other than utter greyness. It's the dark days before Christmas, you know the story. But that doesn't mean there isn't something beautiful in each day. Today's greyness took me back to when I walked in the beautiful sun of spring. In the spring of 2015 I walked a little bit of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. My first Camino experience was one to never forget. I walked with a group of students from all different backgrounds and it was definitely my highlight of my time living in Spain.

Day 37 – Open gates

I spend my Monday morning on the phone with one of my favourite government organisations regarding my student grants. A bit of patience however brings you a long way and luckily most of the issues got resolved immediately. For the other one I still have to wait 5 more days at least. After a weekend filled with people, building relationships and focusing on worship and learning, it's Monday again. Outside it's grey and dark. A true November day. Monday mornings are not the favourite kind of day for most people. Yet there is something special about this morning compared to the other ones in the week. A new week for work is about to start. It's an open gate.

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