Day 263 – Laundry day

I talked about it with a friend on Sunday over lunch. How everyone back at home seems the think that when you live abroad, your life is always on a roller coaster high. The amazing trips you get to do, people from all over the world you get to meet and basically wonderful life you... Continue Reading →

Day 250 – Life is short, people

When I get to full numbers, like 250, I always get a bit emotional, nostalgic and reflective. The last couple days I have already been playing around with topics in my mind about what to write on day 250. I mean, 250. Isn't that crazy? I am secretly a bit proud of myself for making... Continue Reading →

Day 238 – 2 months

Monday morning. 27 March 2017. That’s when I hugged my close family and friends one more time. After a super long line through security, I got on a plane. Ready for a new adventure. I sort of had this idea that I would slowly, but surely find a way into my life in Uganda. Little... Continue Reading →

Day 229 – Relieved

So how do I get unstuck? How do I make the right decision? I must admit that I’ve always been really good at putting pressure on myself. As much as I want to give myself time and space to come to well-founded decisions, it always feels too slow or too fast. Too much worry or... Continue Reading →

Day 201 + 202 – Rocks and rivers

Miles and miles of sandy, rocky roads. Bumpy and unlivable. Miles and miles of roads through green patches of fresh grass fueled by the first April rains. Alive and hopeful.  Contrast. Just a few miles. You don't have to drive that far to see the differences. Both types are present. Areas with water. Areas without... Continue Reading →

Day 198 – Season of brokenness

Easter weekend is almost over. These past 4 days went by so fast. Beforehand I was really looking forward to having a couple days of rest. Days to let everything of the first weeks of Uganda life sink in. Yesterday I wrote an emotional blog post (in Dutch, sorry!) about that journey from my head... Continue Reading →

Day 175 – Surreal

It still feels surreal. It hasn't quite sunken in yet. I am leaving for East Africa soon. To a place where there is hunger. People are starving. To a place where there is war and never peace. People are on the run. In the news, they are talking about millions of people that don't have food.... Continue Reading →

Day 168 + 169 

Friday I ended my blog abruptly, because one of my favourite girls in the world asked if I could play a game with her before her bedtime. As I was writing to myself about forgetting to grasp little moments, I realised this was one. An opportunity right there. I grabbed it and left my blog... Continue Reading →

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