Day 349 & 350 – White

Yesterday morning I woke up on the edge of Uganda's biggest national park. The sun rose with its orange, warm glow over the endless fields of green. For the first time in a long time, I woke up in a bed with white bed sheets in a small cottage that I shared with a dear... Continue Reading →

Day 89 – Reflecting light

Last night I walked around in Amsterdam. This month is the Amsterdam Light Festival. Beautiful art work that brighten up the dark days of December. I walked around with a couple friends. The mist had cleared, the cold was ignored and boats were going around in the famous canals of Amsterdam. The most beautiful piece of art, wasn't one that gave light, but it just reflected the light around it.

Day 66 – Just a little bit of light

It is so dark outside. It is so cold. Even the stars don't shine through the mist tonight. I saw a vague moon when I biked through the December darkness. I only see the stars of wood next to the candle. Reflecting the light instead of being the source.

Day 57 – Light worth waiting for

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. It's a time of waiting, expecting and anticipating until we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Exactly at the moment when I couldn't be more frustrated with waiting, that's what a church community world wide is going to do. The new liturgical year starts with a month of waiting. In a way that helps me to put things into perspective. Just at the moment when I am completely done with it, I am confronted with learning to change waiting into expecting.

Day 19 – Focus

We live in world with a lot of distraction. It's around us all the time. Our lives seem so scattered all over the place. Sometimes it seems like we have so many different things going on at the same time. We forget to focus.

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