Day 100 – Time to celebrate!

Today is a good day. A fantastic day! I woke up to the sound of children going to school and my first thoughts were about the book that I read last night before going to sleep. I made myself breakfast. And started with my day. This is one of those days were everything just seems to work. I started with some job applications and got two calls immediately after applying. Interviews are set and I am starting to feel really excited and enthusiastic. Besides the job search turning out well, I feel like I am moving again. After a couple months of rest and reflection, the time to work and invest has come again. So tonight I am celebrating. First dinner with all my house mates who are back from holidays. My favourite desert is ready, dinner in the oven. Let's celebrate!

Day 50 – To choose or not to choose

The first 50 days are over! I freaking did it. Wrote 50 blogs so far. And you know what? I am proud of myself for sticking with it. This weekend I visited one of my dear camp sisters in Maastricht. I wrote about that yesterday. She asked me: "how do you keep finding inspiration?" Being at day 50, I decided to engage with that question. How do I find inspiration to write? To be very honest with you, it's as simple as making a choice to write about what happens. Observing the little things in life, like the sun breaking through the clouds while crossing the river in Maastricht and connecting those observations to wider thoughts somewhere floating around in my mind.

Day 32 – One month of being 24

One month. That sounds like so much and nothing at the same time. Today is 2 November 2016. So that means I have been 24 years old for one month now. Time for a little bit of reflection and looking forward. It hasn't necessarily been an easy month. In many ways it's been a wonderful with a lot of positive days, but there have also been a few days in which I wasn't so happy. A few lessons learned.

Week 1 – About beginnings, building bridges and being

So my first week of writing is done. 7 stories are online. 358 stories to go. Okay, that's still a lot. But a decent start is half the work, right? I am truly amazed by the responses of people on this project. So many people that are reading the stories and feel inspired somehow. I can't really get my head around that. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this journey. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Thoughts that I don't edit, but are just mine put into words on a screen. In case you haven't followed my blog this week, here is an overview. I will try to write one every week with additional thoughts, funny stories on how people react to the blog posts or just my personal reflection. Enjoy!

Day 2 – Open hands

Writing these first blogs made me think about what I expecting from this 365 day project. Today I am writing a post to read back on the days when I am going to think about why in the world I wanted to do this in the first place. This picture was taken by Bauke (if you're reading this, thank you!). I didn't even notice him taken it. It's just me with open hands.

Day 1 – On being 24

So it's my birthday. And if it's your birthday, you treat people. So here is mine. An old baby photo of when I was just one hour old. Look at that hair! It might not be the best quality picture, but hey, it was taken 24 years ago.

Here’s to where it all started…

An autumn walk, the golden hour sunshine and a hyper active dog. I took a picture of a little spiderweb. It looked like it was made out of pure silver. And for just a moment nothing else existed in the world, expect for the warm sunshine and that tiny little miracle of nature.

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