Day 300 – Dependency

For a very long time, probably as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be independent. Do my own thing, preferably without any help. This blogging adventure started that way too. Somewhere I wanted to prove to myself that I didn't need anyone to become a writer. That I could just do it... Continue Reading →

Day 294 – The smell of paper

I love the smell of real books. I think being in the library as a kid on Wednesday afternoons was one of my favourite moments in the week. Often my sister and I would get the maximum number of books allowed. As a teenager, I would sometimes read into deep in the night simply to... Continue Reading →

Day 231 – Short and sweet

You know what? Today I am going to keep it short. This morning I posted my Day 231 on social media. It really was a pure moment in which my heart was overflowing with joy, contentment and happiness. I posted this: All I need is these simple kind of Saturday mornings. Wake up, go running,... Continue Reading →

Day 98 – House becomes home

A week ago the new year started. That evening I realised that I was actually going to move in the first days of the new year. Literally a new start again. I've had so many of those moments in the last two years, that I didn't really look forward to doing it another time. But I also knew that this was the decision I made earlier and that it would all turn out okay. And it did. We are now a week further and I can truly say that I am blessed with a new home. Something today made a difference. Today this new house became a home.

Day 88 – The infinity of camp

So today was Amsterdam filled day! Tourist in my own country. Not that we could see much, since the whole city was filled with fog. Yet Amsterdam has something mythical. Some streets and houses seem like they came straight out of a fairy tale. The bridges, canals, houses, history. They make Amsterdam just a little bit different than any other city. 

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