Day 84 – Old places with new eyes

It's Christmas break and the amazing Cami is here! We met last summer at Camp Rising Sun in the United States. Now she is traveling around in Europe and spending crisis with my family. She arrived late last night and today was our first day together. I showed her around by bike. It doesn't get much more Dutch than that. Cycling in the cold, ice cold december wind.

Day 71 – Connected through a book, bread and wine

Reading a book is one of the easiest ways of travelling. Without physically moving you can explore new worlds and new opinions, you get to know new people and simple learn. Since I graduated and came back from the States I have been reading more again than I read in while, which I am pretty happy about. Every once in a while you pick up a book and you know after a few pages that it is going to change you in a way that you might not have anticipated, but you welcome the feeling of being touched.

Day 48 -Why don’t we read more?

Last night I was preparing for next week, a discussion about creation, evolution and climate change. Not the lightest of topics with curious teenagers. How do I deal with that? Do I know enough? Probably not. When I was their age about ten years ago, I wanted to know everything. Every little detail. In order to find out, I would read. Get books, articles, Google, ask people how know more. However with the whole world available in our hands, I feel like we know less than ever before.

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