Day 353 – PJs and soup

One of my favourite moments of the day. Curling up on the couch with a bowl of soup made from fresh veggies and in my PJs. 'Huismus' is the word for it in Dutch. Yesterday I wrote about everyday days. Because not everything and not every day have to be spectacular. And you know, I... Continue Reading →

Day 124 – It’s a ‘restless traveler mood’ kind of day

About two years ago I moved to Spain. The Basque country to be exact. The second semester of my Masters took place in Bilbao at the international institute of human rights at the University of Deusto. For me, that semester was a semester of rediscovering the joy in learning, green hills and most of all my love for walking. All things that I knew I loved, but I sort of forgot in the semester before. That one was spent working in a conference center without day light and travelling in busy trains to take a class here and there in Amsterdam. Looking back, I was on the edge of a burnout. Being in Bilbao saved me.

Day 114 – Winter season

I never like winter that much. It's cold. It's dark. People get sick. Never enough energy. I wish I was one of those hibernating bears. A whole season of sleep sounds great. But yesterday, someone triggered me to reconsidering the winter season. A speaker in church talked about life in different seasons and how you go through all them at some point and sometimes all at the same time. "Winter" he said, "is a season of rest." So based on his own experience he went through a period of grief, loss and heartache in fall and got to rest during winter.

Day 106 – Bread of life

I baked my own bread today. Made that tomato soup as well, but the bread was a new experiment. I guess I would like to improve on the recipe, but for today this was a very satisfying winter meal. Bread is such a basic type of food. I grew up with bread twice a day. And soup with bread is a traditional Sunday meal. Simple, but strong.

Day 70 – Warning: low energy levels 

Okay, so it's been a bit of a week with ups and downs. Some real disappointments mixed with new opportunities,  while battling through a week with a flu. I don't like being sick as it really affects my memory. I just forget stuff and mostly just feel incredibly tired. So what do I write about on a day in which I don't wake up feeling rested, when I take two hours to bake a cake (which did taste good though) and invest time in transcribing an interview.

Day 19 – Focus

We live in world with a lot of distraction. It's around us all the time. Our lives seem so scattered all over the place. Sometimes it seems like we have so many different things going on at the same time. We forget to focus.

Day 11 – Art in progress

So instead of getting ready to get on a plane, I am in my parents' kitchen. I am drawing. Nature scenes like the one of the picture of today are probably my favourite to draw, because of their simplicity. Just a few lines and shades of different colours and you have a clear landscape in... Continue Reading →

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