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Day 357 – Maggie and maps

I woke up from the birds. Like a usual morning. It’s a little past 7. Slept an hour longer than usual. I am struggling to get out of bed. Turn around a couple times more in my squeaky sounding small... Continue Reading →

Day 334 & 335 – About being alone on a Saturday

One of those days again. I start writing. Scribble down thoughts. First in my journal. Sometimes in the app on my phone. Usually in a draft blog online. But I don't get to finish it. I am either too tired.... Continue Reading →

Day 333 – About Domtuin reflections

Right before coming to Uganda, I lived in Utrecht again for a couple months. In a lovely house, with cats and plants and the 8-o'clock news. I had a really nice job in which I got to learn and experiment... Continue Reading →

Day 328 – Growing into the next thing

Last night, after a dinner I really enjoyed, I curled up in my own bed again. I always light one candle as I am reading and jot down some notes on the day. Yesterday I realized I had been in... Continue Reading →

Day 325 – Jam and cappuccino

I am fully back into work. Today was a long day in the field. Two hours driving, talking, endless speeches a la Uganda style, more talking, looking at some goats, visit a school. A typical day in the field. Then... Continue Reading →

Day 322 – About feeling anxious and self care

Pff, I'm tired. I should be all energized from my leave and ready to get back into work. But maybe I am not. But just a couple texts from a friend already make such a difference. And while I am... Continue Reading →

Day 321 – Peace within

Last day of my leave. I want to make the most out of it, but I also want to take it easy. Easy on myself. Not giving myself the pressure that life and everything has to be epic all the... Continue Reading →

Day 320 – About being free

I woke up this morning to the sound of the very loud and frankly quite annoying generator. No power. Again. It happens all the time. Perks of living in a Ugandan city I guess. But you get used to it.... Continue Reading →

Day 271 to 273 – Transcendental imperatives

I could tell you about busyness at work. I could tell you about how this morning was so cold and I didn't want to get out of bed. I could tell you about the wonderful sunshine that appeared halfway through... Continue Reading →

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