Day 255 – Waiting for the future

My sister texted me today: "sometimes I wish I could just look ahead into the future.." I smile and text her back: "so would I.."  Isn't that what we all want sometimes? Just to know what's next. This morning I had a discussion during breakfast with colleagues about having children and careers and marriage. The... Continue Reading →

Day 252 – Waiting

So I am waiting. Waiting for a car to pick me up. In the mean time, I am answering emails that have been in my inbox for way too long. I am making myself some fresh Saturday morning coffee and I am reading a book. It's about a Swedish guy and a Somalian woman. Interesting,... Continue Reading →

Day 146 – Where are you from?

The question pops up in my head when I sit in sunshine at a trainstation. I still have half an hour before my next appointment. So I decide to sit down in the sun to soak in some vitamin D. With my eyes closed I hear a violin that starts to play. When I open my eyes I see an older man play about ten meters away from me. People rush by. From work, to work. From home, to home. Just a few people notice the man playing. While I watch him, that familiar question pops up: 'where are you from?'

Day 132 – Destination unknown

Some of you may know the specifics already, but many of you might also still have no idea. Either way, I am not yet giving away too much, but there will be new destinations coming up. I will tell you all about it when the time is right. But as I am starting to prepare, I have this feeling that even though I might prepare every spare minute, the destination will always be unknown until the day that I breath in the air, hear the sounds and feel the sun in that new place.

Day 72 – Seldom early, but never late

Today I seemed to be struggling with time. In the morning I woke up early, but then by the time I had started up my laptop to start working, it seemed much later again. When I was supposed to talk to a friend, I was still on the phone hassling with government organisations trying to get answers.

Day 57 – Light worth waiting for

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. It's a time of waiting, expecting and anticipating until we celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Exactly at the moment when I couldn't be more frustrated with waiting, that's what a church community world wide is going to do. The new liturgical year starts with a month of waiting. In a way that helps me to put things into perspective. Just at the moment when I am completely done with it, I am confronted with learning to change waiting into expecting.

Day 33 – Faithfulness

Trees are something special. Not only are they tall and beautiful and they smell good, they always remind me of how small I am. Usually that's a good thing, because trees make me realise that whatever I am dealing with, it's insignificant in comparison to steadiness and trust of those trees.

Day 14 – Waiting

Today I went to my new physician for an introduction. When I was sitting in their waiting room with colourful couches, when two men came in. One of them sat right across from me holding his thumb with his other hand looking pale like a ghost. The other man was wearing the outfit of the local butchery.

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