Day 224 – Lazy saturdays

I like to be productive. Always doing something or planning the next thing. You can call that hard-working, but it also has a bit of perfectionism to it. That's why I am trying to teach myself to not plan stuff too much in advance sometimes. Like this weekend. I knew this was one of the... Continue Reading →

Day 154 + 155 – Melting hearts of stone

So it turns out that even the Netherlands has remote areas without internet access. So when I drafted a blog yesterday during a weekend with church I couldn't upload what I wrote. Now I am in the train on my way home and I am trying bring all thoughts together. I am having quite a few of them, so consider this one a therapeutic rant to get it out of my head and let it sink deeper in my heart.

Day 126 + day 127 – Question yourself

Two blogs today! Or two in one actually. Because I skipped the one from yesterday. I got up at 4.30 am to get to work. (I have an extra evening/weekend job to make some extra money.) Afterwards I had to do three interviews for Camp Rising Sun. All in all, a pretty full day. In between I needed a moment to do nothing, for a long bath and watching a nature documentary. As I was listen to David Attenborough, I realised that I had absolutely no interest in writing. So I questioned myself: why do I commit to writing? I am not going to follow up with my goal, if I miss a day? I came to the conclusion that even though I accepted a challenge to write every single day, I realised that forcing myself into it, is not going to be helpful to anyone. The only thing I wanted last night was to relax.

Day 118 – Scared to commit

Every age group gets a specific name. A generation X has this and this characteristic. A millennial will do this and never say that. Even though I don't really like generalisations, there are so characteristics I really recognize in myself. Of course you can judge any type of study (typically millennial behaviour again), but there I do see a point in trying to understand the minds and hearts of a new generation.

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