Day 227 – Wise woman

Wisdom. The word keeps coming back to me in various ways. I read it in books. I hear it in the whisper of my heart. What does it mean to be wise? How do you make wise decisions? What to say or what not say to someone. What to do or what not to do.... Continue Reading →

Day 222 – Dreaming and hoping

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus That's the translation of one of the many inspirational quotes hanging in my parents bathroom. It's been there for years. Today's picture is an old instagram post from... Continue Reading →

Day 103 – The art of happiness…

... is to serve all. Tea quotes are definitely one of my favourite things in the world. I bet you that if the sound of music would have been written in the 21th century, there would have been a line in 'My favourite things' about quotes on the labels of tea bags. A week ago I wrote about the wonderful moments of having to think about nothing else but a musical on tv and a cup of tea. Another reason why I like tea. In that sense, tea serves the purpose of serving me a little moment a happiness.

Day 55 -Sunshine in silence

So many words. The world is filled with so many words. It's post election week in the US. In the Netherlands there is a court case against one of the populist party leaders. People keep speaking words that hurt. In the discussion, debates, articles, news items. I don't know anymore what to say. That is why this week I was thankful for all the pictures of the sunsets and sunrises that everyone posted all over social media.

Day 36 – Caring is sharing

Last night my friend and I welcomed two Syrians into the house. The biannual Meet & Eat event organised by the local working group that supports refugees from the asylum seeker centre works really simple. Inhabitants from the town are matched with inhabitants from the centre to share a meal together. Right now I refuse to use the word 'refugee'. Because that is a label is connected with vulnerability and legal procedures. The men that shared a meal with us are just people, like you and me.

Day 33 – Faithfulness

Trees are something special. Not only are they tall and beautiful and they smell good, they always remind me of how small I am. Usually that's a good thing, because trees make me realise that whatever I am dealing with, it's insignificant in comparison to steadiness and trust of those trees.

Day 31 – Circles of wisdom

In yesterday's blog I wrote about being young. About the gift of being young and how you shouldn't feel less of yourself because of your age. So last night I got to sit at the table with two groups of teenagers and how I loved it. The questions, the attitude and yet the desire to learn something. Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside.

Day 29 – Pizza life

I never had pizza until I was 15. It might not be my favourite food, but making it like from scratch and eating it fresh from the outside oven is pretty amazing pizza life. This morning I made the dough, let the yeast do its job. My dad prepared the oven, my sister baked a bread first and then the pizza went in. Cheap, authentic and so delicious.

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