Day 361 – Midway point

I still remember the first week I was here in Uganda. Hosted by a wonderful family. Felt at home pretty quickly. Sat on the same couch as I am sitting on now to eat my first home-cooked meal. 6 months in Uganda already. Halfway through my year as trainee PGA with ZOA. Time flies. It... Continue Reading →

Day 353 – PJs and soup

One of my favourite moments of the day. Curling up on the couch with a bowl of soup made from fresh veggies and in my PJs. 'Huismus' is the word for it in Dutch. Yesterday I wrote about everyday days. Because not everything and not every day have to be spectacular. And you know, I... Continue Reading →

Day 346 – Role to play

It's been a long day at work. And while the sun is slowly setting, I am taking a quick shower to fresh up. Today I took notes during meetings, typed up plans and notes into protocol and hey, then I also got proposed to.  Again.  Cause one of the perks of being a white young... Continue Reading →

Day 341 – Steps

Step by step. Just do the next thing. Don't worry about tomorrow, just focus on what you need to get done today. It's all sorts of thoughts that go through my mind. The whole day.  Life is a bit insecure at the moment. Lots is changing and I am not sure if I am handling... Continue Reading →

Day 340 – The end is near

I am really starting to feel it. The end is near. It's almost over. And as I am approaching the end, I really feel that I need a break from being online. It's not so much the writing that is an issue. I will definitely keep doing that, but the online part of it, has... Continue Reading →

Day 338 – Typing

It has been raining over the past couple days. I love the sound on my tin roof. Today in the office I noticed how the 6 hands and 30 fingers of my colleagues and their keyboards and I are sort of like raindrops on a rooftop. It almost has a musical ring to it. Hearing... Continue Reading →

Day 325 – Jam and cappuccino

I am fully back into work. Today was a long day in the field. Two hours driving, talking, endless speeches a la Uganda style, more talking, looking at some goats, visit a school. A typical day in the field. Then getting back to office, driving through a typical Karamoja rainstorm. Slippery roads, but being very... Continue Reading →

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