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Day 201 + 202 – Rocks and rivers

Miles and miles of sandy, rocky roads. Bumpy and unlivable. Miles and miles of roads through green patches of fresh grass fueled by the first April rains. Alive and hopeful.  Contrast. Just a few miles. You don't have to drive... Continue Reading →

Day 184 – Only one thing is needed

Work life has now really started. The office has more people walking around again and my tasks are getting more concrete. I will go out into the field this week to, so if there are no more blogs until Saturday,... Continue Reading →

Day 179 – Listening

Take a moment and just keep silent. What do you hear? Take a moment and just look around. What do you see? I just moved to a new country. Everything is new. The people, the views, the surroundings and the... Continue Reading →

Day 175 – Surreal

It still feels surreal. It hasn't quite sunken in yet. I am leaving for East Africa soon. To a place where there is hunger. People are starving. To a place where there is war and never peace. People are on... Continue Reading →

Day 166 – About how I came to where I am

Yesterday I wrote about warm memories from watching an old episode of Little house on the Prairie. After another day of meetings to prepare for my job with ZOA Uganda. On the way home I was thinking about other memories of my childhood and how they relate to point I have reached today. I started up my laptop to write this blog about three hours ago, but in the mean time I watched the news filled with post-election analyses and talked with my family about all matters travel, family and politics.

Day 162 – Hopeful life update!

Today is the day. It's time to say it out loud. I am a little nervous about posting this blog. I keep browsing through old photo's that I took in Tanzania a couple years ago. East Africa. It's getting real again. Goodbyes are getting closer. Preparations more intense. I have been teasing readers of my blog a couple times already. I don't want to postpone the news any longer. It's time to share more about the adventure that is coming up with you all. In a couple weeks I am going to move to a new country for a year and start my working life as an aid worker. More specifically I am moving to Uganda to work as trainee Program Adviser for a year. A new phase, a new adventure and whole new life is waiting for me.

Day 116 – What it means to be home

If I a home on Sundays and the sun shines (it's a Sunday after all), our dog jumps on my lap and simply relaxes till the max. I have no idea how she knows it's Sunday or why she does it, but she loves it. She doesn't do it when someone else in our family sits on that chair. She doesn't jump on my lap if I sit it on the couch in another sunny spot. It's just me, on Sundays, in that chair, in the sun. This dog obviously knows how to make herself feel at home.

Day 79 – Staring out of the window

Is it useless? Is it wasting time? Just staring out of the window for a few minutes. Because the sky is so pretty or the sun is warm on your face. Just a moment of thinking about nothing. If I catch myself, my first thought is usually guilt rather than feeling relaxed. That makes me wonder to what extend I have internalized the pressure to be always active. To be useful and to make a difference. Because staring out of the window is just plainly useless, right?

Day 73 – Learning from volunteers

I wrote my thesis about volunteering with refugees. I am not sure if I mentioned that before on my blog, but I love volunteers and voluntary work. I am obsessed by the drive of people and the inspiring motivation that some of them radiate. I also am a bit frustrated sometimes with how unorganized they seem to be. It's both a strength and a weakness. However, I am sure that if there wouldn't be volunteers, this whole society would look a lot different. There is a lot to write about this topic. I might do a series of blogs on volunteers and the voluntary sector soon.

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